New Michael Monroe single, "One Foot Outta The Grave"

Date:2017-04-19 10:45:27
A couple years ago, when "Blackout States" came out, I don't think I had ever paid any attention to him or his career. But after listening to that album, on a lark, I was shocked to find how much I loved it. I've listened to the few that came before it as well, but there's something about that album that stands head-and-shoulders above everything else I've heard from him. It's the kind of rock and roll I love, and it's one of those albums that when I pick it up, I find myself listening to it repeatedly until something else catches my attention.

This new track is a single that's going to be included in a compilation, but it also is a good indication that the spark is still there, and there's every reason to believe the next album will be just as great.

This song is awesome.
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