Re: Fuck you Dashlane...that said, what are your weekly podcasts? Mine are...

Date:2017-04-15 17:49:21
In Reply To:Fuck you Dashlane...that said, what are your weekly podcasts? Mine are... by Blah Blah
Number one. No Agenda. I love it so much I am approaching Baronet status. I listen to every minute. The same cannot be said for those below.
I've never heard of this. Looks like it could be interesting.
Stephan Molyneux - Freedomain Radio - Listen to a lot but not all.
I listen to a lot of this. I like the diverse subject matter, and I appreciate the focus on logic and reason, even if it leads to uncomfortable places.

Joe Rogan - Especially great when it's a hunter or sociologist/biologist/geologist etc. Great podcast. Can pass if it's MMA related though.
Same here. I haven't listened in a while, but the MMA ones are probably the least interesting to me. I enjoyed his interview with James Hetfield, where they spent like half an hour talking about bees, heh.

Maron - Even if he is a crybaby. I especially like when he talks to musicians. Found Kamasi Washington through him. Derek Trucks and several others too.
I listen to this on occasion... he is a bit of a crybaby, but I liked his cathartic 2-part podcast with Louis CK.

Carolla - I like his daily show as a diversion into the mostly mainstream. I also like a little Ace on the Roof even if I don't understand construction very well.
I've heard a few episodes, and find Carolla fairly entertaining in general, but I only have so much podcast listening time.

Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show - Occasionally has a cool guest like Alan Tecchio. The dude knows a lot about metal.
Never heard of it, but it sounds like something I should check out.

Other stuff I listen to (I don't listen to every episode of most of these):

Tom Woods - He releases way too much to listen to all of it, but it's usually good stuff. His interview with Steve Hogarth from Marillion a couple years ago was pretty cool. As are his regular dissections of Paul Krugman's continuing stupidity.

Brett Venoitte's School Sucks - I listen to the occasional episode, but I'm way behind. Still, he's put out some of the best logic-based philosophical material I've yet heard.

The Lowe Post - I'm an NBA fan, but it has occurred to me in recent years that I follow it more by reading about it and listening to analysis than by actually watching games. Zach Lowe's analytical style is similar to mine, and he usually has interesting guests.

Bill Simmons - He talks a lot about basketball but also other sports. I listen to the occasional episode.

Motor Week - I've long been interested in the auto industry, and this is a short, not too complex podcast that provides some quick information.

Hardcore History - I listen to every episode of this, but that's not that challenging, since they only release like 2 - 4 (admittedly long) episodes a year. Dan Carlin's unconventional take on history and his engaging narrative style make this a worthwhile listen.

Your Music Is Bad And You Should Feel Bad - I don't just listen to this because I know the creator and I've been on a couple episodes... it's a hilarious podcast that covers a lot of metal, but also a variety of other musical topics. This is also one where I listen to every episode, but they only release an episode every 2 - 4 weeks or so, so it's feasible to do so.

There are probably a few others I'm forgetting that I check out sporadically.

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