Casual Observer proclaimed:
It's also coincidentally what I'd be yelling during all the Andi Deris numbers.
Nigga, please. We all know you can't go to shows. You'll be "yelling" it in your room, staring at the screen.
Wigger, please. I actually saw Helloween on their Gambling With The Devil Tour.
Yeah right. No you didn't, you're so full of shit - you've never been to a show in your life, haha. You probably would've sent your dad in your stead, so he could at least describe it to you, but your mom wouldn't give you your allowance money, and the old man didn't leave his forwarding address at the homeless shelter again.

Paid more than the paltry amount you're complaining about now too.
Only I was actually saying how affordable their tickets are, ya dummy.

45 euro is chump change to me because I'm not lower class. I spend more than that on lunch and coffee for the week, but I digress.
That's nice of your mom to give you lunch money, but I told her once, I told her a thousand times that's only gonna spoil you in the long run...You upper class whipper-snappers, with that copper spoon up your ass...

And that's coming from someone who saw Priest on their Nostradamus tour (I went only to laugh at KK's clumsy, lame-ass, makes-Kelly-Gray-look-like-Malmsteen solos and boy I did not leave disappointed).
Let me straighten you up here, sponge - watching shit on YouTube doesn't mean you "saw" or "went" to a show.

When you're finally allowed out of the house and do go to an actual concert, try to spend your money on something you actually like, instead of paying for something you know full well you have no desire seeing - that usually is a rule of thumb. You'll figure it out - ask a grown-up to help first couple of times.
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