Re: how would you know? - your mom won't even let you leave your front porch

Author:Casual Observer
Date:2017-04-14 00:00:39
In Reply To:how would you know? - your mom won't even let you leave your front porch by von
It's also coincidentally what I'd be yelling during all the Andi Deris numbers.
Nigga, please. We all know you can't go to shows. You'll be "yelling" it in your room, staring at the screen.
Wigger, please. I actually saw Helloween on their Gambling With The Devil Tour. Paid more than the paltry amount you're complaining about now too. 45 euro is chump change to me because I'm not lower class. I spend more than that on lunch and coffee for the week, but I digress.

Worst. Show. Ever. And that's coming from someone who saw Priest on their Nostradamus tour (I went only to laugh at KK's clumsy, lame-ass, makes-Kelly-Gray-look-like-Malmsteen solos and boy I did not leave disappointed). Helloween sounded like someone playing a mobile phone concert recording over the PA. It was shit! And hearing Andi Autotune Deris butchering Future World and I Want Out was pure cover band territory. A disaster.

Helloween are a poor man's Europe without a The Final Countdown.

nvandyk proclaimed:
Fuck off already. You really are an immense prick, you know that? Have been for years.
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