Fuck you Dashlane...that said, what are your weekly podcasts? Mine are...

Author:Blah Blah
Date:2017-04-13 16:27:53
In Reply To:Re: Thet Weekly Playlist thread . . . . Soundoff by Blah Blah
Number one. No Agenda. I love it so much I am approaching Baronet status. I listen to every minute. The same cannot be said for those below.

Stephan Molyneux - Freedomain Radio - Listen to a lot but not all.

Joe Rogan - Especially great when it's a hunter or sociologist/biologist/geologist etc. Great podcast. Can pass if it's MMA related though.

Maron - Even if he is a crybaby. I especially like when he talks to musicians. Found Kamasi Washington through him. Derek Trucks and several others too.

Carolla - I like his daily show as a diversion into the mostly mainstream. I also like a little Ace on the Roof even if I don't understand construction very well.

Heavy Metal Mayhem Radio Show - Occasionally has a cool guest like Alan Tecchio. The dude knows a lot about metal.
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