PMX2 Weekly Thorsday Soundoff

Date:2017-04-13 12:13:09
In Reply To:That Weekly Playlist thread . . . . Soundoff by BenMech
James Brown – In the Jungle Groove (first album appearance of “Funky Drummer”) + Live at Chastain Park + Sex Machine
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Stevie Wonder – 20 Classic Hits (Motown 62-70) + Original Musiqwarium I (72-82)
Parliament – Funkentelechy vs. the Placebo Syndrome + The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein + Motor-Booty Affair (the JB’s/Horny Horns connection on all)
Watchtower – Concepts of Math: Book One
Uriah Heep – Fallen Angel (the worst of the best? definitely the best of the worst)
Yes – Songs from Tsongas: 35th Anniversary Concert (Wakeman/Howe/White/Squire/Anderson)
David Bowie – Low (one of his most experimental/avant-garde LPs; w/Brian Eno)
John Entwistle – Smash Your Head Against The Wall (The Who bassist – 1st one w/a solo LP)
Coroner – Mental Vortex
Sly and the Family Stone – There’s a Riot Going On
Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters
Small Faces – There are but Four Small Faces (US version)
Queen – The Game
Sacrifice – Forward to Termination
Peter Gabriel – s/t’82 IV
Van Der Graaf Generator – Pawn Hearts

Gonna be at Kreator/Obituary/Midnight this Friday.
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