Re: Exivious demos

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-04-12 10:47:05
In Reply To:Re: Exivious demos by killed_by_the_tech
I have all the demos, and they're quite good. They're more of a Focus ripoff than the Traced in Air ripoff of the albums :)

Their albums work best as background music. So freaking bland. I guess they forgot their amps had an overdrive switch. Not that an distorted guitar means a ton, but that music was two steps from being played in an elevator.
Yeah. They're pleasant albums but definitely kind of snoozy. But the demos are more like Focus, with death and robot vocals and the whole nine. Check them out; you'll probably like them more than the albums.
I've recently found myself debating whether I should keep Traced in Air. It's good but when you want Cynic, do you want anything other than Focus or the demos?
I think Traced in Air is great. It's kind of a different beast, but the songs are great. Not as great as Focus, but I do sometimes want TiA over the other stuff. The discs after TiA are all garbage.

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