Re: Exivious demos

Date:2017-04-12 10:42:44
In Reply To:Re: Exivious demos by Matt Johnsen
I have all the demos, and they're quite good. They're more of a Focus ripoff than the Traced in Air ripoff of the albums :)

Their albums work best as background music. So freaking bland. I guess they forgot their amps had an overdrive switch. Not that an distorted guitar means a ton, but that music was two steps from being played in an elevator. I've recently found myself debating whether I should keep Traced in Air. It's good but when you want Cynic, do you want anything other than Focus or the demos?

"I think we’re living almost essentially in a socially, culturally artistic ice age where banality and mediocrity have now triumphed as a virtue." - A. Averill
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