Three Def Metulz

Date:2017-04-06 14:06:10
Three good'uns in my opinion.

Memoriam took a while but I've decided it's great. The riffs start to get great around the mid way point after an inauspicious start. Corrupted System, Flatline and Last Words are great and worth it alone.

Obituary have released the definitive Obituary album here. No bullshit just Obituary styled death metal stomp. The start of the album is less good for me but it's still good but from the track Kneel Before Me till the end the album is flat out insane. Monster grooves, rolling riffs and sick growls from the diaphragm!

And finally the deathgrind supergroup Lock Up return but instead of Tompa on vox we have Kevin Sharp from Brutal Truth. I don't like his vocals but I got used to them in this album. The riffs are absolutely monstrous here, just pure savagery. The moshpits for these guys will be totally insane.

Fun death stuff!

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