Re: Creeper

Date:2017-03-20 15:17:13
In Reply To:Creeper by Nosferatwo
Has anyone else been hearing about Creeper? They're getting a ton of buzz in certain places online, and seem to be one of the big 'it' bands of the moment.
Haven't heard any buzz at all but I don't really hang around punk rock/pop places.

I had heard the singles as they came out, including the awesome "Black Rain".
This is indeed a cool tune especially when the girl offers her little line. Provides a nice contrast with the dude.

I just got the whole album this morning (it comes out Friday), and it doesn't disappoint. I guess the basis can be called pop-punk, but there's a ton of influences not just from AFI, but from Meat Loaf and theatrical performances. It's a short record, but they pack a lot into it. It's got diversity, flair, and it embraces the inner cheese of what they're trying to do.

It's excellent stuff.
It's quirky and melodic sounding but I didn't really like any of the other tunes in youtube. One step up from Blink 182 style to me with a few more melodies is mainly what I heard. Black Mass sounds like Meat Loaf jamming with the Misfits! I'll pass on the whole though.

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