Re: Whole album..

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-03-20 15:49:12
In Reply To:Re: Whole album.. by Pirage
Views:211 really kick ass! Actually the rest of it is very much metal to the bone. Tons of riffs, screaming solos, thundering drums playing constant fills, great melodic moments and memorable choruses. I think this record will cater for most Mastodon fans and may actually bring back some of those older growl period Mastodon fans. There's no growling but the musical vibe is heavy and blistering apart from the single of course. Well worth checking for any fan of heavy, grooving melodic thunder!
Yeah, this album seems to be a pretty even mix of the stuff they've been doing since Crack the Skye. There are some stretchier moments where they bring the prog, but then a lot of rockin' bits like on The Hunter and Once More Round the Sun. The riffs are catchy and the vocal hooks are abundant, as is usually the case with these dudes. There are even a few spots that sound like they might be revived Lethargy riffs (like the intro to "Andromeda") I'll admit I prefer CtS and the earlier stuff to the last couple albums, but I do still like those albums too, and this one is at least as satisfying.

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