Re: Demolition Hammer @Gramercy Theatre, NYC, June 24

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-03-16 09:58:23
In Reply To:Demolition Hammer @Gramercy Theatre, NYC, June 24 by von
It's a one-off: special "Epidemic of Violence" set and merch. Yes, it's the whole "album set," blaza-blaza-bla. Live Nation pre-sale started today, code "magic." $20! Seeing as the two Vitus show last year sold out in under 2 minutes each, this one just might sell out.
Got my tickets! Thanks for the heads up. I am actually kind of lukewarm on DH. They were good enough, sure, but I think it's weird how much they've grown in esteem, because they're pretty solidly second rate at best. That said, everyone I know who's seen them since they've come back has said they're astounding, so who am I to argue with that? See you there!

If they were real mensches, they'd play something from Timebomb :)

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