Date:2017-03-10 21:54:04
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
The odds of a new Coroner album being enjoyable for fans of their first four albums are extremely low. I no longer get excited over any such reunions actually. In the highly unlikely event that Spiral Architect releases another album, I will wait for auditory proof that it is worthwhile before expressing any enthusiasm.
Yeah, that's true, but some of us like ALL of the Coroner albums :) I bet the new one ends up sounding more like Mental Vortex (which I think belongs grouped with Grin and the s/t, and not the first three) than anything.
I gotta say, I also put the first four together; I, too, feel that "Mental Vortex" goes with the first three than the later two.
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