Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2017-03-10 16:52:48
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by killed_by_the_tech
Dan Swano - Moontower
Good album
Iron Maiden - Killers
The Chameleons - What Does Anything Mean? Basically
Agent Steel - Skeptics Apocalypse
Agent Steel - Unstoppable Force
I like the debut better than the follow-up. I think it's the Kurt Kilfelt effect.
Sentenced - North From Here + "Desert By Night" + "Lost Treasures"
Good pick
Demigod - Slumber of Sullen Eyes
One of the best Finnish DM albums ever!
Merciless - Unbound
I should get me some Merciless.
Lost Horizon - Awakening the World + A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Can't go wrong, although I still think the second can't compete with the first.
Disillusion - "Alea" + Three Neuron Kings + The Porter single
Still haven't checked out Alea. This is a band I respect more than enjoy, generally, although I own all of their other stuff.

My list:

Nightcrawler - Testament. Supposedly complete anthology of recordings by Cleveland's Nightcrawler. They weren't the best band out of Cleveland, but they were very good. Their vinyl EP, Soldier in Time, is classy US power metal. Their self-titled CD EP, with Breaker's Jim Hamar on vox, is sometimes a little plodding, as was a lot of true metal from the late 80s, but it's still good, and Hamar sounds great. I think there might be some very early demos which didn't make the cut, but overall this is a well done retrospective and well worth checking out for fans of old American metal.

Bobby Emmett - Learning Love. The best powerpop album since Jellyfish's Spilt Milk, and one of the all-time greats. Nearly perfect, and now nearly impossible to find. It's only 8 years old!

Thought Industry - Songs for Insects. Still a mindfuck.

John Arch - A Twist of Fate. I like the Arch/Matheos album better, but this is still amazing.

Mew - non album tracks. I'm in the process of gathering up all of the many, many, MANY Mew singles. They must have released two dozen non-album b-sides!!!

Ark - Ark, Burn the Sun. Remember when Jorn was the fucking best? These albums are untouchable.

Spiral Architect - A Sceptic's Universe. Still waiting for the reunion...

Watchtower - Energetic Disassembly. Doesn't really feel like the same band as C&R, and when I first got this, that really bothered me, but I don't care now, because this rules on its own terms.

Zumpano - Look What the Rookie Did. Carl Newman before The New Pornographers. Essential! The second album is weak, though.

W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P. The only truly great WASP album. There are other good ones, but none can compare to the first.

New Model Army - Lost Songs. Great 2CD set of b-sides, demos, and whatnot. The first disc is a bit stronger, but they're both solid. What an amazing band.

Fates Warning - Inside Out. An underrated classic, in my book, that's almost, if not quite, able to stand up to the two albums before it. While I like APSOG and the newest one, in retrospect this was really the last hurrah of a band at their peak. Zonder's drumming is a little too twee overall, and that ballad is not good, but the good songs are great, and Ray would never sound this good again.

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