Re: additions

Date:2017-03-09 12:05:56
In Reply To:Thrashers look here! by Pirage
It's endless!

Ra'S Dawn - Melodic thrash

Reignsaw - Modern thrash

Suppressive Fire - Black Slayerized thrash. Not really my thing but it sounds ok. Some will love the grimness.

Misanthropy - Great, face ripping, angry, riff mongers! Vocals like Vektor. Spectacular solos!

Devastation Inc. very cool RIP worship

Grindpad - Very killer tune from ep. Pure pit carnage!

Malkavian - French modern carnage. Riff assault insanity!

Swarm - Modern nu groovy thrash. Not really my thing but not bad. Nice solo.

The Void - Sci-fi industrial groove thrash. Not my thing but some may enjoy it.

Freakings - Regular neck wrecking.

Solitary - Pantera crossed with Slayer.

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