Thrashers look here!

Date:2017-03-09 08:39:15
There's loads to keeps us fuckin' happy for hours here!

New Harlott album. These Aussies fuckin' rule. Can't wait for this!

Dutch fuckers make music for wrecking necks! Another I can't wait for.

Neck still in working order? Good time to Erupt!

HAVOK IS BACK! Hearing a little old 'deth in there!

Warbringer brings the mayhem. Not a huge fan but this sounds decent to me.

Skulled - Eat Thrash - old school fun mayhem

Terrifier - brutal thrash. A bit too aggressive lol!

Extravasion - Semi tech brutal raw thrash

War Device - Cool Greek thrash with heavy vocals.

Still here? Good! Damage Rite from Lebanon! Not fuckin' bad!

Severpull - Divided By two - Cool mean shit.

Alkol - Beeried Alive. Drinking thrash bands are funny as fuck! This one is fuckin' good too!

Animator - Not bad EP but not amazing.

Speedrush - More raw speed metal than thrash but still works for me!

Lyzzard - Not thrash but quality galloping speed metal with melodic vocals.

Primal Attack - Brutal modern thrash this time. Nothing to do with old school but still wrecks!

And still playing Kreator and Overkill. Thrash fans rejoice!

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