Re: No, they need to add Brocas Helm...

Date:2017-03-02 14:18:45
In Reply To:No, they need to add Brocas Helm... by Matt Johnsen
(sorry, my reply was intended to be to Von's post, not yours, my mistake)

Brocas Helm would be fine too!
When I talk with my metal friends (mostly Italians for due reasons) about cult epic bands, then we always refer to Manilla Road, Omen and Cirith Ungol as the "sacred triad", to our eyes they became with time almost the same thing, you can't talk about one of these 3 bands without associating the other 2. Similar to German thrash: if you say "German thrash" then I immediately think Sodom-Kreator-Destruction, sort of a pavlovian reaction.
I take this association of those 3 epic bands is confined to Italy then.
15-10 years ago I would have thought it was impossible to see one of these 3 epic bands playing live, now I'm pretty surprised to see 2 of them playing the same festival. Since Omen is the most active of the 3, they could add them and make us Italians say "wow the epic trinity together" and then curse in 87783 languages since traveling to see it is way much expensive.

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