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Date:2017-02-14 19:32:20
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TICKETS FOR THE CRUISE - around $1.200 - a bit less (4 person cabin. This price is for each person).
My tab at 70K - $205 (inclunding a $75.00 dinner - including a bottle of wine). I dont drink beer much, so my overall tab is cheap. I drank 4 or 5 beers, some bottled water and one or 2 cokes). The rest of the time i drank what was offered.

At the ship you only pay for drinks, bottled water, gourmet coffee, ben and jerrys ice cream and for the "fine" restauants. Room service is free

Buffet and pizza place are included. Quality of the buffet? 5 or 6 out of 10 but I am picky. My brother gives a 8/9 but he eats garbage.

I know you drink a lot so the tab could go up to a 1.000

Sleeping conditions at a four person bedroom. Normally the room is really small. 2 full bunk beds and a small bathroom. but I always stayed at the handicap room (a friend of mine has mobility isses), so the room is almost double the size so is the bathroom. Nice beds, pillows, etc. Nice air conditions.

Sleeping conditions at a two person bedroom. 2 single bed but the overall size is the same as the 4 person bedroom. Nice beds, pillows, etc. Nice air conditions.

Sleeping conditions at a six person bedroom. Big room. 2 single beds, 1 convertible sofa and a bunk bed. 2 people have to share the sofa. No big deal.

other costs

If you arrive one day before the trip and leave the day you return(Ship docks early morning so you can go back home in the same day). It is risky to arrive at the departure day

1 day hotel prior to the embarking ($ 120. Hotel, but you can go to a hostel for $35.00)
Food for that day - $ 60.00
Uber - cab to the port - $ 30.00 each way.

If you plan to go one day talk to me. We can arrange a bigger room.

It is fun for first timers.

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