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Author:Chris F5
Date:2017-02-14 08:28:40
In Reply To:Re: 70K by BumZen
Re:sleeping conditions and food

I was a feature photographer on the Eden model cruise in 2015 on a Carnival Cruise (last year the metal cruise was on the same exact ship),which is what they use
While kinda small..the rooms were fine..the beds can be spread apart if needed if there was an awkward situation or kept together if with a significant other...beds were quite comfortable

The food was actually good,even the buffet
Of couuse the "washy washy before yummy yummy guy/gal"was part of the entertainment value of going to the buffet (Rico can tell ya about this...)

Almost went with my girl,(her idea..shockingly she is a rocker chick,we met on the Eden cruise and she wanted to do the zip line on the Haiti stop)depending on line up might next year...(if I don't have any events planned)

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