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Date:2017-02-14 08:01:29
In Reply To:70K by richo
This was my 5 out of 7 on the boat.

I didnt go to the first one because I thought it was a fraud. My first one was 2012, skip the '13 because I was living outside of my country and i didnt wast to leave my wife alone. Then I went to 2014, 15, 16 and 17.

This year was the best lineup for my "taste". Some bands I never saw before (Mors, O. Gatherum, Axxis, Allegeon, Kalmah) and some of my Faves (Overkill, Anthrax, Death Angel, Carcass, Testament and the Mighty Amorphis).

Overall was a great trip. My main focus on the ship is to attend concerts. I dont interract much, dont go to the fancy restaurants, dont do the meet and greet (you bumb with everyone from time to time), dont stand in line to buy mech (poor selection every year) and i dont get wasted with beer.
Not including flights or anything besides the 70k cruise, how much would you say you spent there (including tickets)? I am curious as to how expensive it is. How are the sleeping conditions and food?
From now one mine main purpose is to attend festivals to see bands i want and never had the opportunity to see : K. Diamond, Running Wild, Eclipse, Wolfheart, Dynasty, Slayer, etc.
Always awesome to have a good bucketlist.
The rest of my year will be:

PPUSA, Evergrey in may (FL), A. Amarth and Abbath in may (Brazil), Helker in may (Argentina), Barcelona Rock Fest in june/july (Spain), Ayeron in September (NL), maybe: Rock in rio in sepptember, John Smith in Finland, Lleyendas del rock in july(Spain), and frontiers rock fest in april.
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