Date:2017-02-13 13:00:15
In Reply To:I''m a big IM fan and know of Samson... by nvandyk
Hey, man - just the man I wanted to see!!! Something I've been thinking about and would like to get your opinion on somehow...just wasn't sure how. I'm in touch with Matt J, and I think you are too.

nvandyk proclaimed:
...but I have never heard them. I even know their drummer was named Thunderstick and had a solo record, but have never heard it.

I know that Nicko used to play in a French band named Trust but have never heard them.
But at least you KNOW them, you know what I mean, you heard OF them - that's already something! These names are road mark for any Maiden fan: you may not heard them, but you've heard OF them.

That's how we got through it back in the know, there:) - it was very hard to obtain any info and the actual music, so we clawed at it just to get anything at all. The shit was like gold to us, haha. When I first got a hold of Saxon - that was the ultimate "obscure" in that context (some people didn't believe it was a real band, because THEY never heard of it) but, really, it wasn't obscure at all - just for us in that environment. It was such an "obscure" find, that my nickname in school for a bit was "Saxon." People threatened to beat me up because they said I'm making up bands - specifically Bon Jovi and Tarot:)

Thunderstick was awesome, haha, not just the hood and the grunting-instead-of-speaking, but I like his fills a lot. Him and Clive Burr actually were both in Maiden and Samson.

I owned Project Driver (along with the Thrasher record) on vinyl but never got it on CD. I haven't listened to it in 30 years, but I do remember it being dull (or I would have listened to it more recently). :)
I think it may sound a bit better now, at least the first half:)

So there are degrees of obscure. You, Matt, M and a few others are like chess grandmasters. The Bobby Fischers of metal. :). John would be, too, except he hates everything recorded before 1988 so he doesn't feel the need to delve. :)
You're too kind: I am but an old soldier at arms, proud to share ranks with guys like M. and Matt:) And now, with the abundance of information, anyone can get to my past "metal expertise" level. But it's like you said, if you're into Maiden - you're at least Aware of Samson and Trust; you don't have to be a wizard of metal, or anything, it's part of the story.

I remember when first stumbling upon this board 30 years ago (holy shit!) I was surprised that others knew about Satan. I now realize they are a little bigger than my friends and I knew back in 1984 when I bought Court in the Act.
I always tell this, and I'm sure I said this to you: when I first came out to the States, I thought the streets would be paved with Warlord, Helstar, and Cirith Ungol records, hahaha.

Satan was one of my pet bands: I loved how they couldn't get a break and kept changing their name:) That one and guys like Witchfinder General, those were my "obscure" bands back then...not anymore:)
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