I''m a big IM fan and know of Samson...

Date:2017-02-13 12:29:10
In Reply To:Re:you're right by von
...but I have never heard them. I even know their drummer was named Thunderstick and had a solo record, but have never heard it.

I know that Nicko used to play in a French band named Trust but have never heard them.

I owned Project Driver (along with the Thrasher record) on vinyl but never got it on CD. I haven't listened to it in 30 years, but I do remember it being dull (or I would have listened to it more recently). :)

So there are degrees of obscure. You, Matt, M and a few others are like chess grandmasters. The Bobby Fischers of metal. :). John would be, too, except he hates everything recorded before 1988 so he doesn't feel the need to delve. :)

I remember when first stumbling upon this board 30 years ago (holy shit!) I was surprised that others knew about Satan. I now realize they are a little bigger than my friends and I knew back in 1984 when I bought Court in the Act.

I'm the shadow of the Grammies, we are all obscure here, Except Metallica. :)
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