Re:you're right

Date:2017-02-13 17:06:59
In Reply To:Re: by jimbobhickville
jimbobhickville proclaimed:

Muhaha... I think M.A.R.S. - Project Driver and Samson - Shock Tactics qualify as "semi-obscure" even here... "very obscure" would be a stretch though! :-)
I have to agree with John here; for the "Load"/"Far Beyond Driven"/"Roots" big-pants bus-&-tunnel crowd, this may be "obscure metal", but I certainly hope most folks around here had covered all that stuff in their Advance Metal 110 course 30 or 20 years ago:) Anyone big into metal music, that is.
I've been into metal since the late 80s and haven't heard of either of those releases. Not everyone has the same taste or shared experience.
Hold on, you're saying you've been into metal since the 80s and never heard of Samson. You've heard of Bruce Dickinson, right? You know what, never mind...You're right. Tony MacAlpine and Bruce Dickinson ARE obscure.
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