Date:2017-02-12 14:47:25
Edited:2017-02-12 15:08:37
In Reply To:Re: I actually like it a lot of it by Sumeet
Sumeet proclaimed:
I didn't hear the album until perhaps 20 years after it was released, so I don't have a contemporaneous opinion, but nonetheless, I pretty much agree.
I didn't know it til May of 1988 myself - being in Soviet Union, and all, we were often behind on many things:)
to be honest, the primary thing I remembered about it was that the production was fairly crappy, even for 1986, heh.
Maybe it's not so much production, which is your standard Prarie Sun/Varney-Fontana/Sharpnel job, as it was the mastering. Mr. Kernon had spoken on this board about the early practice of some record companies to use the same master both for analog and digital media in order to cut the cost (ie: avoid spending $$$ on a digital master), and as a result, many early CDs ended up low/flat/underwhelming in sound quality by basically not utilizing the medium's potential.

I liked the idea of all these "star" players within a confines of the supergroup, I just wish Side B was at least as good as Side A...And yeah, MacAlpine was not as flashy there as on his solo work of the time...really, none of them were really showing off on this one...

Here's a fucked up coincidence: my buddy just went out to see MacAlpine somewhere around here on Friday (I didn't know about it,) took a picture with him and everything, came back home to watch his old man die...fucked up.
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