Brainstorm Ambiguity

Author:David D.
Date:2017-02-12 12:32:49
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I am burning a lot of my music to itunes to make some greatest hits discs from various bands for a friend - so I have been going though back catalogs of bands - and I already knew I loved this disc.....

but it really is one my top 10 of all time.

There are no bad songs - amazing melodies and catchy riffs - and it has easily with stood the test of time as it was released in 2000!

For compaison - Liguid monster is not that good with only 1-2 good songs. Down burst was also a solid disc but not as good as Ambiquity. still have to go through Soul temptation, unholy and metis mortis. I only bought one song of itunes from the new one but it is a great song - How much can you take.

Brainstorm underrated band - and Ambiguity a must have great disc.

three of my favorites....

beyond my destiny


lost unseen

David D.
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