Re: I actually like it a lot of it

Date:2017-02-12 05:42:00
In Reply To:Re: I actually like it a lot of it by von
I know, hahaha, but honestly, though Sistine Chapel it ain't, I do find it enjoyable myself. "Nations on Fire", "Writings on the Wall"... At a first listen back in dem days, I remember also not being all too floored, but later on I got to like it just fine. I actually just put the CD on again, to see how I'd feel about it on a spot...and I'm having a real good time listening to it. It's not brain surgery for sure, and yes, I will concede that not everything on it is so good, and that, given the pedigree, it probably ought to have been a lot more adventurous and "mindblowing," but to me it's at least a decent 80s Shrapnel release....and Side A has the stronger stuff:)
I didn't hear the album until perhaps 20 years after it was released, so I don't have a contemporaneous opinion, but nonetheless, I pretty much agree. It's reasonably enjoyable, and has some strong songs and riffs, but it's not a truly great album. I hadn't listened to it for several years before throwing it on last week, and to be honest, the primary thing I remembered about it was that the production was fairly crappy, even for 1986, heh.

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If we're constantly throwing around accusations of racist this and racist that instead of dispassionately analyzing the conditions that got us into this mess, we're going to spend all our time shouting at each other instead of fixing the problem.
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I've been on the floor with the Reverend Real, Casual Observer and Ldooche and didn't even get a fucking Smithfield Ham for Christmas.
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You are mind is fried
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