Re: I actually like it a lot of it

Date:2017-02-10 03:02:10
Edited:2017-02-10 03:08:10
In Reply To:That's how I remember it, certainly. nt by nvandyk
I know, hahaha, but honestly, though Sistine Chapel it ain't, I do find it enjoyable myself. "Nations on Fire", "Writings on the Wall"... At a first listen back in dem days, I remember also not being all too floored, but later on I got to like it just fine. I actually just put the CD on again, to see how I'd feel about it on a spot...and I'm having a real good time listening to it. It's not brain surgery for sure, and yes, I will concede that not everything on it is so good, and that, given the pedigree, it probably ought to have been a lot more adventurous and "mindblowing," but to me it's at least a decent 80s Shrapnel release....and Side A has the stronger stuff:)
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