Date:2017-02-09 22:01:25
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Muhaha... I think M.A.R.S. - Project Driver and Samson - Shock Tactics qualify as "semi-obscure" even here... "very obscure" would be a stretch though! :-)
I have to agree with John here; for the "Load"/"Far Beyond Driven"/"Roots" big-pants bus-&-tunnel crowd, this may be "obscure metal", but I certainly hope most folks around here had covered all that stuff in their Advance Metal 110 course 30 or 20 years ago:) Anyone big into metal music, that is.
But coming from your perspective, even things that are super-ultra-mega obscure to most people are merely somewhat lesser known to you. :-)

Heh, seriously though, my guess would be that the majority of people, even on a board like this, haven't listened to Shock Tactics, or especially Project Driver. Particularly people my age or younger, who weren't into metal yet in the 80s. That's enough to qualify them as SEMI-obscure in my book... though the mere presence of Bruce Dickinson and Tony MacAlpine / Rob Rock on those albums prevents them from being VERY obscure.

Come to think of it, I'd actually guess that the majority of people younger than me, even just those who are specifically classic / power metal fans, haven't heard all the Accept albums I listed, even though those aren't obscure at all.

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