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Date:2019-03-08 20:32:36
Edited:2019-03-16 23:32:45
In Reply To:Thorsday housewives lists by teonzo
This whole week I've been working up in Northern CA, suffering from a bad cold. But I was able to listen to all these albums from Lords of the Lost. Unfortunately, I only liked one song out of them all... "Black Halo". Very cool tune. See the weird video for the song.

Lords of the Lost

Fears (2010)
Antagony (2011)
Die Tomorrow (2012)
Beside & Beyond (2012)
We Give Our Hearts (2013)
From the Flame Into the Fire (2014)
Empyrean (2016)
Thornstar (2018) This was the best album in their catalog.

By the way, I usually try to comment on the albums I listen to. I always like reading everybody else's reviews too. So, I agree with your request.


"The end of all good music is to affect the soul." - Claudio Monteverdi
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