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Date:2019-03-07 19:04:53
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Hammers of Misfortune - "The August Engine"
I'm totally unable to decide if my favourite is this or "The Locust Years", so I play once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and once this and once the other and so on.
Definitely their best release.
Megadeth - "Rust in Peace"
The only defect of this CD is that I need to program songs 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9 before pressing play. I think my neighbours love it too, since they did not complain.
Total classic!

My list:

Last Crack - Sinister Funkhouse 17
Who exactly at RR gave this artwork a thumbs-up? This ranks up there with Hanging in the Balance. They should have gotten Buddo to hold a skull. Good album, but not Burning Time level.

Realm - Endless War
My favorite Realm. Deal with it.

16HP - Sackcloth n Ashes
Wovenhand - s/t
Some of my favorite non-metal music. Still need to catch a Wovenhand show.

Confessor- Uncontrolled
The one and only. Steve Shelton is a madman. Funny that Graham Fry went from this to Leadfoot.

Asia Minor - Between Flesh and Divine
Some prog from 1980 that sounds like the glory days of prog. They were Turkish students living in France.

England - Garden Shed
Very much influenced by Yes, but I like this more than Yes. There may be a slight Queen influence, too.

Alchemist - Organasm
I don't listen to them nearly as much as I should. They were on their own page in the late 90's.

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