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Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-03-07 14:49:47
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coreystinson proclaimed:
Sepultura - "Roots"
When it came out I really HATED it. After some years I started to appreciate what they were doing, but in small doses, usually only the first 4 songs. If taken as a whole then it's like a brick on my balls.
Ha! This one is definitely the oddball in their discography. Clearly, Max went ga-ga over Korn and Ross Robinson. Don't get me wrong, I like now and loved Korn back in the day, but this Sepultura album... they just went too far. It has a few good songs but most of it is a slog.
There were 3 really good songs on here that really showed what this album could have been.
Title track (sounds like Max is screaming BODY WAAAAARTS!,the joke amongst my gang about body warts )
Straight Hate...still on my heavy lifting day playlist)

And the song they did with that tribe from the Amazon...
Nuff said

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