Re: Vocals are more fake than Paul Stanley's (np)

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-02-05 13:30:44
In Reply To:Vocals are more fake than Paul Stanley's (np) by Casual Observer
I was at the Philly show that's part of this release, and when King first came out, I felt pretty certain he was lip syncing. He just sounded way too good. But as the night wore on, his vocals did get a bit worse, and there were a few moments where he really screwed the pooch. I left the show thinking he was probably [em]mostly[/em] singing live, but with some Geoffian tape backup for the more challenging bits. But if I learned that he Milli Vanillied the entire show, I also wouldn't be surprised.

Way more canned than King's vocals were the stage moves of his band, who went through the motions SO HARD. You could pretty much see them counting in their heads, waiting for the moment when they were supposed to leisurely stroll up the staircase and glower ominously down on us at the exact moment the lighting changed.

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