Fifth Angel

Date:2019-02-01 15:51:00
Edited:2019-02-01 15:51:19
In Reply To:Re: 2007-2017 Albums by von
The rebooted Fifth Angel came out with the surprise of the decade to me - essentially now a Kendall Bechtel solo project with Ken Mary adding deal-breaking drums, it is refreshingly authentic, with commendably strong vocals, compelling and well-executed guitars, and general feeling head and shoulders above 90% of anything I heard people rave and rant about over the past ten years.
Why say it's a Bechtel solo project when on the new album you have 3 members out of the 5 that played on 1989's album Time Will Tell? And a 4th, Ed Archer that is also listed as a band member on the website?

The new album is killer, of course, my #2 of 2018.

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