Re: Poll: crack down on trolls or not?

Date:2019-01-23 22:14:31
Edited:2019-01-23 22:16:29
In Reply To:Poll: crack down on trolls or not? by squarooticus
It's funny how a couple of decades after dealing with (and learning about) the risks and difficulties of content-moderation and trolls on these unknown Internet forums, those very same topics are now super-mainstream, top-of-the-newspaper concerns. There are speeches on the floor of Congress about the ability of foreign internet trolls to incite anger in American citizens, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are trying to figure out how to "fairly" remove posts, ban users, etc.

In the latter case, it's been funny to watch the users of the platforms be like "it's so easy, just get rid of the bad posts/posters!" Uh, well, what's a "bad post"? "oh, ok, just define a policy on what a 'bad post' is, and then work off that, it's so easy!"

In reality, that shit is really hard/impossible. Presumably the social media platforms were aware of this, and that's why they resisted getting involved for so long. Some nut-ass literally handcuffed herself to Twitter's front door because they banned her. (yes, Troll, I'd take that as a challenge. Step up!)

Point being, deciding who/what/when to moderate is too much of a pain in the ass to deal with, and even huge corporations can't figure out how to do it well, so it's probably not worth it to bother trying.
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