Re: Sharing some stuff in the player lately...

Date:2017-09-01 02:56:19
In Reply To:Sharing some stuff in the player lately... by devomeister
Just sharing some stuff in the player lately. I don’t really like writing about music, but I do enjoy sharing, so I just put little blurbs and video links. Enjoy!
One Hundred Thousand 'The Forms in Which They Appear'- Total alt-prog type stuff that I dig (honestly, pretty light on the prog). Puts me in mind of Dead Letter Circus.
Fathoms from This Place
Funny that. I saw them at their first ever concert, opening for my buds JOLLY here at Arlene's Grocery. The singer now works for New York City's only surviving (classic) rock radio station 104.3. I even had their setlist, which apparently did not correspond to any titles on their following albums.
Earth Shaker

*edited to add album titles.

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