Re: Blaze Bayley

Date:2017-08-27 00:19:50
Edited:2017-08-27 00:22:55
In Reply To:Blaze Bayley by Kevin Madden
Anyone seeing this upcoming (starts tonight) tour? He's playing a hole in the wall in my town in a couple of weeks, so it wouldn't take much effort to go, but I didn't particularly care for his time in Maiden and I don't have any of his solo or previous stuff.
Go!! I saw this tour in Ottawa on the 17th and it ruled! His voice is strong, and so is his band. He's playing 5 songs from his time with Maiden, 4 or 5 from his latest 2 albums, which are excellent, and a couple from the 1st one, which also ruled. Also, a song from his 1st band, Wolfsbane.

For me, his first 3 solo albums as Blaze are heavier and better than anything Maiden released with him or since that time. After that, he struggled a bit for a while, but his last 2 discs saw him back on track.

I have to say the previous tour was maybe better because of more tracks from his first 3 discs and less from Maiden, but still, you have to go. And the tickets are so cheap.

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