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Date:2017-07-06 23:08:31
In Reply To:Nils Molin joins Amaranthe by Pirage
I guess Dynazty won't pay the bills and it was bound to happen with Nils who's an amazing singer. But to be honest I'm not sure Amaranthe is the right gig for him. It's a bit part role and won't really let him shine like he deserves. To me if say someone said Joachim is tired and wants to quit Hammerfall for example, then Nils would be a number one contender and people would get super excited for a Hammerfall record....well about 6 of us! By the way I realize Amaranthe is way bigger than Hammerfall but I just feel that bit part role is not really worthy of his talents. What Amaranthe should do is sack the growler and go with a dual Elize and Nils vocal attack and start bothering the charts. Growling won't get you that, that's for certain. This probably means Dynazty will need a new singer but who knows maybe he can still record with Dynazty 'cause they hardly play live anyway.

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