Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 30 January

Author:John Frank
Date:2020-02-01 00:57:17
Edited:2020-02-01 00:58:11
In Reply To:Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 30 January by Michael Blevins
W.A.S.P. - W.A.S.P. Their best by a country mile.
Only "The Crimson Idol" comes close.
Never got into Crimson Idol. I have a soft spot for The Last Command, but that is probably my hair metal background talking. I cannot argue it is better than the self-titled debut (especially if you include the three songs from the Animal single), but damn I love me some "Wild Child" and the title track.

"It's not exactly a horrible album, but it's no better than something by, I dunno, Pagan's Mind or some other shirt-tucking nerdprog band." - Matt Johnsen of Pharaoh

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