Re: Master of Puppets is 33 today

Date:2019-03-09 16:21:35
In Reply To:Master of Puppets is 33 today by Pirage
I was 20. Had just graduated from college. An intern had loaned it to me. I thought it was unlistenable noise. It's on my hard drive so I must have purchased it at some point much later in life to give it a go again. It's got a couple decent songs - obviously the anti-war ones which have lyrical merit, but it's essentially a lesser rehash of Ride the Lightning which isn't that great of an album either. Good riffs. Nice rhythms. Crappy ass drumming, singing, and leads. Metallica was always a fairly terrible band, but that could be said of every band doing thrash. Since gaining awareness of its existence as a subgenre in 1985, I've dismissed all of it as shitty noise for the kiddies. That opinion hasn't changed. Its only merit is that its successor styles were much much worse.

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