Re: Not especially broken up...

Date:2018-04-30 23:11:08
Edited:2018-04-30 23:11:30
In Reply To:Not especially broken up... by squarooticus
I think I'd be more interested in Jordan Rudess doing a set of Derek Sherinian covers.
I find this hard to believe.
That said, it sucks that Glenn has to go through this sort of shit so often. And this is maybe the lamest excuse yet: "DT is writing a new album, so I can't get two days off!"
One thing (of many) that kind of irritates me about all the comment threads on the announcement are the number of posts saying "everybody chill, Glenn will pull out some miracle that amazes everyone." He has an impressive track record, but I think this it-doesn't-matter-because-Glenn-is-a-genie attitude suggests a certain amount of taking things for granted. Like he can just lounge back in his easy chair, wave a wand, and conjure up the perfect replacement band year after year. I have no doubt that he's the most pissed of all of us, but for the sake of professionalism he has to be the most careful about how he publicly treats these events. And the mad scramble to find not just a replacement but a headline-level replacement can't be any more fun the fourth time than it is the first.

Finally, haven't DT been saying in recent interviews that they're entering the studio in June? Will they really still be in writing mode in September? (On the other hand, you could argue that taking more time on the writing will result in a better album.)

But I generally disagree with an artist cancelling any live performance activity in favor of studio activity. It's like, do they not see the industry everyone else has seen for the past decade? They're going to write an album that will inevitably be greeted with 'meh, 1992 was better', debut somewhere in the top 50 with a historically low number of sales, then become just another DT catalog entry that no one really cares about.

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