Date:2018-04-12 21:09:02
In Reply To:Re: Thursday sound off by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Miles Davis - Bitches Brew. As always!

Savatage - The Dungeons are Calling. I sometimes hear people talk about Zack like he was a massive and obvious upgrade in the vocal department, but that, to me, is just plain nuts. Jon was always better.

Scorpions - In Trance. Gave this one a whirl after talking to a Scorps super-fan. Put me in the mood.
Hell yeah. My favorite ones by them.

John Arch - A Twist of Fate. Been on a big Arch kick lately, but this is the one I listen to the least (well, I think I probably spin this more than Night on Brocken, which just isn't very good.) This is a great EP, but I guess when I'm feeling Archy, I'm going to go with Guardian or Sympathetic Mechanical Resonance.
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this.

Arch Enemy - Black Earth, Stigmata. The two good ones.
Yeah, the better ones.

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