Another nostagia release ...

Date:2018-01-26 23:07:26
anyone remember "Rough Silk - Mephisto" from '97? I decided to go rooting around for this in my collection after at least 5 years because of an album called "Life" by a Swedish band called "Jono" who have the whole Queen, theatrical thing down to perfection. I love the album (released late last year) ... and after listening to it I kept thinking of Rough Silk. They did a couple of over the top albums "Circle of Pain" and the afore-mentioned "Mephisto" before losing their (excellent) singer Jan Barnett and deciding to continue as a very dodgy thrash kind of outfit with Ferdy (A.R.Pell) eventually taking over vocals to disastrous effect. He has not a note in his head. That was about 2 years ago I last checked. Dunno what the status is now.

Anyhoo .... for anyone who has not heard the Jono album, it is brilliant.

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