Re: PMX:2 Thorsday Soundoff

Author:The Surfing Alien
Date:2017-09-29 03:13:34
In Reply To:PMX:2 Thorsday Soundoff by Matt Johnsen
Bloodbound - Nosferatu, Tabula Rasa. Nosfteratu is pretty fun despite being painfully, almost plagiaristically, derivative. Urban Breed's vocal melodies save it entirely. Tabula Rasa, though, is a minor masterpiece of euro power metal.

Hmm.. I do like Nosferatu a lot, but don't recall liking Tabula Rasa as much. Will have to give it another listen. Nosferatu is pretty great though. Not many singers in the Euro power metal who have the strength and grit of Breed and the choruses are pretty slick.

Sons of Apollo -
wow, I did not expect much but this turned out to be pretty good! In fact, one of the best things both Bumblefoot and Soto have ever done. Songs are good and there's a good amount of proggy guitar stuff from Bumblefoot to really make it worthwhile. Has he ever done anything as classically prog metal as this? As for Soto, this is probably the most interesting thing he's done since the later Talisman albums and his project with Neil Schon. Again, probably the most classically prog metal thing for him too.

Black Country Communion - new one
Sherinian is here too. Coincidence? He's not credited with any songs but his keys definitely help make this the most catchy BCC album yet. Glenn Hughes really wails here, but in a melodic way, not in "white dude can do those screams too" way. The best song vocally steals some Rage against the Machine riffs though, ha! Bonamassa having some fun I guess? I do like him in BCC more than most Hughes solo album guitarists .
Nice surprise. Way better than last Hughes solo album.

Mozart - Paris is dying
Some major Queen worship with Roy Thomas Baker producing. Not as distinctively catchy as the debut, but still great. Doesnt get much better for Queen and Freddie fans.

Flys - holiday man
finally checking out Mozart singer's band he did afterward. decent alterna rock for that era. No Queen here though, not even vocally.

Running Wild - Rivalry
Pirage says this is their best. I don't remember listening when it first came out, sounds great now. Some slick power metal here.

Kamelot - Siege Perilous
Hmm.. I don't remember why I didn't bother with this back in the day. I did hear a lot of the track on that live EP they released. I really like this album now. Maybe the best Khan Kamelot?

Dynazty - discography
Favorite band of latest ProgPower, but for some reason they just don't sound as good on the record IMHO.

Quill - Born from fire
Solid comeback album with old singer, but songs are not as good as their best Hooray it's a Death Trip album.

Threshold - Legends of shire
Wow, this may be the best Threshold album yet. Songs are really good and Glyn Morgan brings the warmth instead of epic feel with just a touch of grit. Really well produced, I find it very easy to listen to.

Protean Collective - Collapse
The video single set the expectations really high as it sounded like the second coming of Nevermore. So intense. The rest of the album is more mellow Tool-ish stuff, very good too.

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