Re: Rank the Soundgarden albums

Author:Scott B
Date:2017-05-19 11:15:45
In Reply To:Rank the Soundgarden albums by John Frank
For Soundgarden, the essentials are Louder Than Love, Bad MF, and Superunknown. Superunknown kind of eclipsed everything else in popularity, but there are killer tracks on the others as well.

For Alice in Chains, all of it without exclusion.

Oh yeah, neither Soundgarden nor AiC were grunge, with AiC being more metal than a lot of metal bands at the time, or now.

For Nirvana, I always favored bleach over Nevermind or In Utero.

Pearl Jam kind of lost it for me after Vitalogy.

I saw Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Kings X on the same gig. That was pretty good band for the buck.

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