Re: Forbidden tour

Date:2018-10-16 20:45:46
Edited:2018-10-16 20:49:32
In Reply To:I will give him credit for the vocal melodies... by nvandyk
nvandyk proclaimed:
The real shocker for me with Forbidden was what the hell happened to Tony Martin's voice. I haven't heard his subsequent work but I gather it's returned to form. Maybe he had nodes or something going on? Anybody know?
I saw them twice on "Forbidden" tour, Motorhead opened (plus Tiamat in NYC); Tony sang quite well. Notably, they played "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," "The Wizard," and "The Shining": he'd swing a bit lower at times, but not noticeably crippled.

It's just no one was into making "forbidden," and it shows.

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