Date:2018-01-12 17:54:19
Edited:2018-01-12 17:59:24
In Reply To:Re: by Matt Johnsen
Matt Johnsen proclaimed:
Halfway through the first song I thought I would have to reconsider my relationship with the MOrta Skulds and Fleshgrinds and Rottrevores and everyone on JL America
Hey, there was on JL America that was...uhm..."good?" - I mean, Beherit, Acheron, Blasphemy,Impaled Nazarene, Samael, Master's Hammer first Immortal, if you like demented crazy old Sodom style crap, like me, that shit was...uhm...unique.
Most of that stuff isn't really for me (although I do like the first Samael) but weren't they mostly licensing deals? I was thinking bands like Deteriorate, Nokturnel, Organic Infest, etc.
Yes, that's right, mostly from Osmose and Turbo. But, oh yeah, as far as their original signings...yeah, not too hot at all, for sure....aaand let's not forget Malicious Onslaught and Killing Addiction, hahaha. I have the second Nokturnel, the self-released one, it's nothing special, to put it kindly.
and all the death metal bands that ruined 90% of the approximately 300 Dwell tribute album released around the turn of the millenium.
Bwahahahahahaha! Nah, fuck them:)
What, you're not interested in a goregrind tribute to Dio?

No, thanks: I still remember that Dwell Frost tribute...ugh...and those Maiden and King Diamond ones, oh, yeah, there was truly no need for that kind of shit;)

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